Monday, November 30, 2015

Rankings: Round VII (Farming Clan)

This is the Farming side's Ranking post. 

Round VII: Blackearthdy/Grovelanddy

To economize time, I decided to do the Blackearthdy and Grovelanddy's rounds together.

Nyah, Nanuk, and Oluchi move in with the Blackearthdy's. They are now, well for now, the Grovelanddys.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Round VII: Blackearth

This Blackearth round was almost uneventful, but of course Naira had to make things interesting for me. :P

Tamaya has a birthday.

Round VII: Groveland

Not much happened in the Groveland house this round.

As you all know Zola got into a fight with Akeem and she lost. The round opens up with her death.

Round VII: Applewoody

Here are the Applewooddys. 

Usomi grew up, just like the other two in the trio. Blossom and Fern made really great looking kids.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Round VII: Applewood

This is the start of Round 7 and as always I start with the Applewood family.

Usami, Nazli, and Usami have birthdays.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Round VI: Fiskmandua

The last time Iplayed the FIskmandua family, Sauda was MIA. SInce then Void moved out with Ime and Muna. Sauda came back...

Round VI: Fiskman

Here  is the Fiskman family.

Void and his twin girls move in with Awhida since Autumn died when she was visiting her son, Alil.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Drama Watching Fun in Between the Rounds

I finished Nirvana in Fire two days ago and I am definitely going through withdrawal symptoms. 

This drama is such a gem! Su ge-ge, Jing Wang I will miss you. *bows*

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Round VI: Groveland

This was an exciting round for the Groveland family.

For some unknown reason to me, Fern starts poking Olive.

Friday, November 20, 2015

My New Shou Fashion!

All fashion is available in the bar store and I couldn't help myself! O might dye it with a crimson or black dye pack, but to be honest I quite like the original color scheme.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

More of More in Between the Rounds!

It's not gonna be Neverwinter this time. Just an image of this handsome stranger. He is Wallace Huo and this is from "Love Me if You Dare."

Round VI: Applewooddy

Second households in the Farming section will be added "dy" at the end of the surname, which also literally means two in.... I forgot the language.

Only Nuru is actually Applewooddy since she's the head of the household, but all her children will be named that.

Suhail, the Blackearth's troublemaker, also moves in with Nuru to be her mate.

Round VI: Applewood

And here we start Round IV with the Applewood family.

Since last round, Nuru, Nail, and Usomi have moved out. Akeem moved in.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Round VI: Neighborhood Overview

This is how the hood looks now at the beginning of Round VI.

The Farmer Clan has five houses on their land while the Fishermen Village has six.

Since the neighborhood is growing, I won't be able to do a full round in one day anymore. Boo!

Rankings: Round V

Here we are again!

Round V: Stonesea

The last family in the round!

Musaad has a birthday and is a Family sim.

Round V: New Household: Shadwavedua

And this is the second new household in the FIshermen Clan, Shadwavedua.

In case you were wondering where Alil Fiskman was....

Here he is.


Round V: Shadwave

Hadiya leaves

Round V: New Household Fiskmandua

This is the new Fiskman household, Fiskmandua.

I made a few mistakes in this household, but I'm sure it will all work out. :D

"Dos mujeres, un camino."  Two women, one path. Anyone watch that telenovela. I didn't. lol

Round V: Fiskman


Teen Awhida has become the family head of the main house since Autumn left with Sauda (she had to leave...) and her new lover.

More in between the rounds

This is my main character, a control wizard, my first and my unwavering favorite. <3

Round V: Blackearth

The Blackearth family grows a little more.

Ant Applewood unites with Naira and moves into their household.

Round V: Groveland

Poor Olive can't seem to keep her luck going. This round was her last chance for more babies since soon she will be too old.

Round V: Applewood

Sometimes, some families, even after miscarriage inducing drama, feel like they have reached some kind of happy medium nirvana (yeah, I Speaking of nirvana I need to finish the drama!)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Round V: Neighborhood Overview.

This is how the neighborhood looked at the beginning of Round V.

Farmers still have the original three while the fishermen have five.

In between rounds...

This is one of the things I do when I take a break from simming.

This one is my DC, Ilona. I suck, but I've met some pretty decent people who don't mind that I'm still trying to get the hang of her, even if I probably never will. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rankings: Round IV

End of round iv rankings...

Round IV: Stonesea

Death strikes in the Stonesea clan.

And that is  how we open this round.

A very pregnant Aura dies.

Round IV: Shadwave

The Shadwaves are so peaceful and calm that I always enjoy "the break" while playing them even if Eva's constant miscarriages were a source worries.

I have time to leisurely screencap.XD

Round IV: Fiskman

The first family in the Fisher Village, FIskman, was eventful, though not as eventful as RIII.

Priya comes out every night and scares her still living siblings.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Round IV: Blackearth

And here we are with the last of the farming clans, the Blackearths.

Last round Dusky died after serious injuries. So they are fatherless in this household.

The quads had a birthday.


Round IV: Groveland

Here are the Grovelands, they were always the smallest family in the farming village.

Someone really needs to take care of that.

Round IV: Applewood

And here we are at the start of a whole new round. What new discoveries will happen?

As always, we start with the Applewood family.

This family, before the whole Blossom/Dusky thing, was very tight. It's probably because it  wasn't a  small family, but not a huge one with  murdering evil children.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rankings: Round III

Here's that time again!

Round III: Stonesea

And here's the last family of the round. The Stonesea family.

Somehow, these parents always manage to interact with their kids. Even with their newborn quads.

Round III: Shadwave

Here we are with the somewhat unlucky, only somewhat because at least they have three babies, Shadwave family.

Amaya brought the devil home. *tells her to leave*

Round III: Fiskman

Now we go to the other side of the mountain.

See, this one... She's always lots of babies, she doesn't need anymore!

Round III: Blackearth

Here is the Blackearth family.

It seems Dusky was destined for death either way.

Round III: Groveland

Olive finally has a second baby!

Round III: Applewood

This is a big update, so click the link to see it all.

Here we have the Applewood family again.

Here's Qillaq trying to play with bugs.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Rankings: Round II

Farming Village: 17 members

Round II: Stonesea

And here's the last family of the Fisherman's village and of the round.

The Stoneseas

Aura eating an orange.

Round II: Shadwave

The SHadwave family is the second one in the Fishermen's Village.

The triplets had a birthday!

Here's Amaya,

Round II: FIskman

Here the Fisherman's Village starts.

We have the Fiskman family.

Autumn is pregnant and ... why hadn't I noticed her ears while in CAS?

Round II: Blackearth

The last family of the Farming Village.

Naira is a toddler.

Round II: Groveland

This is the second family of the farmers, The Groveland family.

Olive really likes taking care of Zola.

Round II: Applewood

Here we are in the farming clan again.

We start with the Applewood family's second round.

In the previous round Blossom was having fertility problems and this pops up. *Sigh* Not only is she not very fertile, when she finally gets preggy, she has high risk pregnancies!