Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A New Era Begins...

Fern destroyed the matriarchal lineage system which was the the rule in Farville (previously known as the Farming village). He found men worked too hard to just let women rule and keep all the wealth they gained with their sweat and blood. And from his personal experience, there was never any guarantee that the women weren't seeking men from other clans and birthing their children too. He did this through force. Anyone who resisted or expressed any type of differing opinion was enslaved in the farming fields  annexed to palace and the other affluent families. Quillaq, Nuru, and his grandson Ghalib were of great help to him during this time.

He decided Applewood was a good strong name  to keep the legacy going... even if the name wasn't his originally.

There are also two cemeteries somewhere around there.

The slave is Shana, new addition also.

This is Grena explanation at the end.

Black haired sim is also new...and that's Rose one of the townies or whatever

Originally, Faina and Grena.. Casius lived together with the triplets, but those two wenches (who are sisters by the way) hated each other's guts. I hadn't even played them... Geez!!! So I left Faina with... um.... one of the triplets. Moved Grena to the Grovelands... She's going up in the world already....Jajaja And kinda gave me an idea. Let's see if I decide to do it.

These two will be sent to the other side once I play the one day set up round.

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